Surely you've been in a pub that  served a beer badly.

Would you like to know how to do it right?

Add a beer tapping school to the Brewery Tour, a special program that we have prepared for you.

Under the guidance of an experienced brewery expert, we will teach you how to tap beer properly,
and that is the skill that suits every beer lover. He will then know in the pub if the barman can or cannot “do it”.

We'll teach you how to know that the beer was badly bottled or that the glass was badly washed, and we're going to test you to see whether you can recognise these problems.

The brew tapping school is led by a former brewer of the Třeboň brewery, Ing. Ivan Dufek, who teaches beer brewing at the Food College in Veselí nad Lužnicí.

The program is not intended for brewery experts, but rather for a group of friends who want to spend a pleasant evening learning something new.

It can also be a good tip for a corporate party.

At the end, the participants will receive a special  certificate.

"An excellent idea. I loved it. I visited dozens of breweries, but I have never seen this. I learned how to make a beer with a good head, "Jaromír Chochol of Velké Meziříčí said after completing the program.


Contact : +420 702 167 396, 777 357 090

Price: Kč270 / person

The price includes: tour of the brewery, tapping school, and consumption of three self-tapped small beers


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